Got this finished today, hopefully have the full thing ready in time for LFCC!

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which mcm are you going to?

MCM London, in October, and likely B’ham in November too

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Had a productive evening, Ronan is nearly ready for  MCM!

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Ronan make-up test! So excited for October!

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oooh when are you wearing this for?

MCM in october! I was debating LFCC, but getting the weapon up to London twice is a bit of a hassle

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I can already tell this costume is going to be killer to wear

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Universal weapon close to done. Not got long to get Ronan together, so gotta go fast!

Universal weapon close to done. Not got long to get Ronan together, so gotta go fast!

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Hi! Sorry to bother you,but Darling Akaiba sent me your way to see you stunning cosplays! And I'm working on a Magneto too for our Con over here and I'm having such a hard time with the chest plate! I was wonder what material you used to make it, if I may ask? Thank you! :)

Omg not a bother at all, and thank you! I made it out of cardboard and craft foam and attached it to the shirt with hot glue! Unfortunately I didn’t take any progress pictures, but I did make each piece separately and cut each shape out of paper first to make sure I had the shapes right which helped a lot. 

I hope this helped a little? Sorry I can’t offer much more but if you have any more questions feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to help!

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I prefer…Magneto

Pretty much done now, waiting on some longer black gloves and not 100% happy with the cape really, but it’s definitely passable and I’ve got plenty of time for touch-ups now :D

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DOFP Magneto so far, got the chest plate done today. My undershirt should arrive next week, along with cape material and gloves, so I hope to have this done by next weekend :D

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